Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 days...big photo post

I missed a couple of days as the rain and the lighting problem was just too much to be bothered with but as I took dozens of photos when the light was good I've popped a couple of substitutes in :).

Feral Tomatoes.  These self sowed courtesy of the hens. Great for a little snack whilst outside. Trying out the macro setting here. It took me a few tries to take a clear photo :).

Something to read while the rain comes down and the lights just don't illuminate enough for sewing.

Sustitute photo - actually taken 26/01 - the creek has receded a bit now as it was about 3m higher than this the day before when the bridge went under.

"That's right", says Joe "a poor horse can't have a rest around here when the sun finally peeks through for a bit!" 

Substitute photo - taken 27/01 - I've never seen these dragonflies before but they seem attracted to the Sallee Wattles. Hope they are a predator as Sallee Wattles are a pain! 

It's funny how many bugs/critters appear after the rain :). Above and below photos were taken on a walk along the road and I think we were all enjoying the lack of rain for an hour or so.

Heavy downpours again and I opened the bathroom window to call the cats in and spotted this. I did wonder how it managed to spin it but it looks beautiful encrusted with 'rain gems'. Photo cropped only.

Miss Maddy is a definite farm cat as it has to be really inclement weather for her to come inside!! Quilters - notice the hexagon patterns the raindrops make :). Both photos taken with the exterior light on and using flash mode. Makes the raindrops look like falling stars. 

Doodling with a purpose. This will be the guide for something I want to sew. Camera has a 'text' setting and I had to use it to take a clear photo of this. I'll know if anyone steals this off here as it has my notes scribbled around the edges and the fill in is of a material I'm thinking of using!

Here comes the sun.... washing day :D

The pleasures of being out of bed with the sparrows - 6am. Taken on 'sunset' camera setting to allow the colours to come through.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed the 'slideshow', and I'll try to post more often in future.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rain, Rain go away...

18a and 18b/366
This pencil pine is useful in the wet too.

Here, puss puss are you coming inside?

Not now Mum, it's raining heavier!!

Here comes the rain again....  Lol, notice on the right where an early raindrop has hit the lens!


7.54pm The tail end of the rain clouds receding to the South West. This wasn't the end of the rain though.


6.24am Similar view next morning, fog not rain. Fog photographs as white/grey, rain coming as blue/grey though it looks slate grey to the eye. The hazy trees are the creek bank. Those aren't dirty spots on the lens above the fence but beetles caught in a spider web :). It rained late morning.

All above taken with auto setting. Landscape ones were 'auto tricked' to try and compensate for reflected light as it's easier than setting manual correctly. The cats and I are over the wet weather.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Days 13 to 17

Summer Fruit
Not exactly sure what variety these are as the vine was here when hubby bought the property about 40 years ago and the house is 100 years old but the oldest residents of the house(in their 80's) always remembered the vine being there and say it is a wine grape.

Bugs and...

NOT a good ladybug...a 28 spotted leaf muncher

more bugs!!

Arrrgh...stink bugs!! No wonder the oranges don't have much fruit developing on them.
The focus wasn't very sharp on this as there wasn't enough light.
Apologies to those who like to live and let live but the 2 above met a quick end after their photography session as I really don't need dozens of them hatching next spring :(.

Native birds

A flock of Maned Ducks also commonly known as Wood Ducks. They were feeding quietly amongst the grass before I disturbed them. The dogs were very good and stayed quiet when I asked them to as these ducks can be easily frightened by sudden or unusual activity.

Glistening web

Had to trick the auto focus by focussing on a finger until I could clearly see the web behind it then removing finger and pressing the shutter the remainder of the way. I don't think Spidey caught any tea last night!

Thanks for looking :).

Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 2, part 2

I missed Day 9 so another short posting. I'll need to keep a photo details record as I've realised that when I use macro or scene position settings like sunset, landscape and others the only photo details that appear on the camera display are shutter speeds, focus etc so I have no way to remember how I actually achieved the shot when I look at it later.

10/366 - Comfort Zone
 Oi, Maddy! The car is there to keep it cool not to make a personal napping place for you!

11/366 Fairy Floss Clouds
Taken at 8.05pm as this was roughly the 4th attempt at tricking the auto setting because built in settings like sunset, natural light etc had under or over exposed and I wanted the pink that the clouds were to show in the photo.  5 to 10 minutes can make a lot of difference to the colour of a sunrise or sunset as this was a brighter pink when I started clicking. Photo is natural, no computer corrections done to it, just resizing.

 12/366 Four Fledglings
Remember the previous photo 6 days ago? Well I couldn't see 2 of them then and there's another behind these 3 fluffballs that I could not manage to find a way to get into a photo. They flew off the nest after I took this and their cranky mother zoomed over me and pecked me on the head for taking liberties with her offspring - OUCH!!