Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Days 13 to 17

Summer Fruit
Not exactly sure what variety these are as the vine was here when hubby bought the property about 40 years ago and the house is 100 years old but the oldest residents of the house(in their 80's) always remembered the vine being there and say it is a wine grape.

Bugs and...

NOT a good ladybug...a 28 spotted leaf muncher

more bugs!!

Arrrgh...stink bugs!! No wonder the oranges don't have much fruit developing on them.
The focus wasn't very sharp on this as there wasn't enough light.
Apologies to those who like to live and let live but the 2 above met a quick end after their photography session as I really don't need dozens of them hatching next spring :(.

Native birds

A flock of Maned Ducks also commonly known as Wood Ducks. They were feeding quietly amongst the grass before I disturbed them. The dogs were very good and stayed quiet when I asked them to as these ducks can be easily frightened by sudden or unusual activity.

Glistening web

Had to trick the auto focus by focussing on a finger until I could clearly see the web behind it then removing finger and pressing the shutter the remainder of the way. I don't think Spidey caught any tea last night!

Thanks for looking :).


~Laurie~ said...

How I love spider webs! They are always so amazing to me - they are always so intricate and beautiful (at least to me!) You caught this one nicely :)

Stitchin' time said...

Thank you!

~Laurie~ said...

Sorry, I pressed enter before I commented on the other photos. The grape picture is neat - I like the way the light hit the grapes and the clearness of the grapes vs the background. I am with you about the bugs -not very fond of them either! Have you ever smelled the stink ladybugs give off?! YUCK! And I've never seen those type of ducks - so beautiful! You have very obedient dogs - to have not chased them off!

Sweet Pea said...

So much happening in your world. Thanks for sharing.
What a great tip for photographing spiderwebs. This is something I will have to have a go at.

Tangos Treasures said...

WOW!! They are all awesome!!

helly5 said...

Great photos, I especially love the spider web and the "ladybird" beetle. I'm with you on stink bugs! :)

Shirlwin said...

Some bugs and I just haven't made friends, and I too 'extinguish' their little flame, usually with a hearth brush expertly wielded. Mind you, they are welcome to stay outdoors where they are safe! Indoors is my space.

Robyn G. said...

Great photos Rob... most enjoyable!