Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Word Verification - bah!

Photos later but I'm posting this on my blogs as it really annoys me and I'm not normally one to post whinges on my blogs!

Thanks to The Run*A*Round Ranch for use of this image and also thanks to The Crafter'sApprentice for the post that helped me locate it.

I haven't been on blogger for about 5 days and then I'm faced with having to decipher gobbledegook - two lots of it - when I do leave comments on some blogs! I use satellite broadband because that is all I can have in rural Australia, apart from dial-up - which translates to 'useless' here, so it is quite expensive and also regulated by weather changes as extensive cloud cover or electrical storms can render it inoperable. Therefore my online time has limits to it that I don't like to waste. I didn't mind word verification previously and I can understand bloggers not wanting spam and not wanting to moderate their blogs but this latest stunt by Blogger is ridiculous. I'm joining the above blogs in the protest against the new word verification as I can't always decipher them and it wastes my time and my patience.
Please join us by removing Word Verification from your blog.

From blogger DASHBOARD click on SETTINGS, then click on COMMENTS and scroll down almost to the bottom of the page where you will find Show word verification for comments? Select the No option.
If you are concerned about spam then select one of the Comment Moderation options in the section above the word verification section. I did.
Alternatively you can select Registered Users option at the top of the COMMENTS page beside the WHO CAN COMMENT?

Either or both should protect you from spam or unwanted anonymous comments.



TexWisGirl said...

hurray! THANK YOU for spreading the anti-word verification message!!! really appreciate it!

Sweet Pea said...

So it wasn't just me then, that's been having problems with this?

Tangos Treasures said...

Yes I've been having trouble replying with the double words!!

Robyn G. said...

Its really awful isn't it!!
As you know I'm on WordPress now (and loving it) and this was quite a shock to the system, when trying to leave a comment!
It really annoys me and you can't read some of them and YES it takes so much longer.
REally dumb blogger!
Go for it Rob :D

Susan said...

Yes, I too shall take it off. I have only recently gotten back to visiting blogs but the two word verification is so hard to read... thought it was just me!!!!

Sweet Pea said...

I've noticed over the last couple of days that they're not as indecipherable as before. Maybe the message has gotten through to someone!