Sunday, February 5, 2012

On the Road Again

The paddocks are still slushy so I’ve stuck to walking along the roads again. Amazing what visual delights you actually notice when you have a camera in your hand and play with the aperture.
Lol, brings out the artist in us ‘non painters’!


After all the storms and wind this tree gave in and crashed into a nearby one. Notice the branch still stuck in the standing tree. 


This is an error as I had the aperture set at F5.6 so I would obtain the natural colours but the speed then dropped to 1/7 second. I’m going to keep this photo of my favourite nemesis (orange flowered lantana and hayfever – achoo!) to print out as a scrapping background paper for farm photos because it smudged so perfectly :D.


The quartz amongst the other rock sparkled and looked like tiny gems along the roadside. 

And of course exercise makes one hungry so I made these last night and fiddled with the camera settings and reading light till I had a photo that looked like what I had cooked. Taken on incandescent white balance setting in Aperture Priority mode and I edited by upping the saturation a little. Fluorescent settings made the bread look orange.

Having so much fun learning to use my camera and enjoying looking at other's photos.



Tangos Treasures said...

Wow!! Nice pictures!! I'm loving all the pictures too, plus the tips & hints!!

Sweet Pea said...

I'm green with envy seeing those bread rolls!

I'm having fun too playing with the camera and seeing what results can be achieved. It's amazing how much you can find out on your own, simply by having a go.

helly5 said...

Great photos :)