Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Restricting Comments and Shaping

Firstly - Apologies to the rare anonymous commenters who have left appreciative comments. Unfortunately, because of a person called Jason - whose comment I deleted as it was trying to encourage me to visit a site that requires payments; whose links I did not follow  - I have restricted comments to those who are Google bloggers or those with Open ID. Open ID allows those with a Typepad, Wordpress etc blogs to comment and for me to be able to reply or to visit their blog if I wish. Just like I can with Google bloggers.
I left a reply for Jason under the post he commented on and if he wishes to become a follower and also apologises for leaving unsolicited free advertising on my blog he is welcome. However he will be blocked if he "tries it on" again as will anyone else who is thinking of trying to make money out of MY hobby!

Advice from friends is different :D.

As tomorrow is the start of a new month I'll be able to post some more photos as the shaping won't be in operation anymore. Thanks for your patience.