Monday, February 20, 2012

Trip to Sydney

After overnighting at parents house, so I could have an early start, I was treated to Maggie hopping in the door for a bit of breakfast.

Sydney Entertainment Centre - Friday 17.02.2012
Fluked this one as I was trying to catch the drummer, Pelle, when the picture on the screen started changing. I didn't know until after I'd taken it as the shutter speed was about 20. Couldn't have managed a better shot if I'd planned it :D

I took the photo of this clock from outside the hotel, not realising this was the Central Station Clock until I arrived there to catch the train home. Great Landmark!

Being a bit tired to remember to take photos on Sunday I thought I'd put in a couple of "Views from the train". Considering the time these were taken I think it's around Wingham. I'd not long woken up :). Pity the windows were so grotty or I could have had some nice pics.

Hope you enjoyed these!
Robyn :)


Sweet Pea said...

Looks like you've had a great few days!
Enjoyed your varied selection of photos.

Tangos Treasures said...

Love them!!! Glad u had a good time!!

helly5 said...

Great photos of your trip, just love that one of Roxette! :)

Robyn G. said...

Yes agreed. Great pics Rob!
I particularly love the maggie and the 1st train photo... they both tell a story :)

Robyn G. said...

Oh yes and the one of Roxette!
Great photo :)