Saturday, March 10, 2012

New clothes, Starry nights, Basket cases and Charlie

The possibilities to enhance this linen/viscose "canvas" are endless. Hmm - fabric paints or embroidery?

Full moons and Starry Nights - taken about 11.30pm
This one taken on auto setting

As manual as I could go on my camera f2.8, ISO 64, Exposure bias 2 steps (+1), WB - custom (camera setting), Exposure time 8 seconds. Couldn't find my tripod adaptor so put camera on a fence post and held it steady! Took a few tries for a decent shot.

Basket case...well, old fruit bowl that was being thrown away! I think she's repurposed it :).
RIP Charlie:  Autumn 2003 - 09/03/2012. 
A good working dog and Neal's mate. (stock photo)



Shirlwin said...

Mmmm ... what method to decorate your 'canvass'? the possibilities are endless.
Love the night scenes Robyn!! Wonderful shots.
The dog is? part blue heeler?

Tangos Treasures said...

Love them all!

Sweet Pea said...

Some lovely photos! Thanks for sharing Robyn. Looks like you've had some fun with the camera settings and I hope we get to see your finished 'canvas'.

helly5 said...

Sad to say goodbye to a faithful four legged friend :(
I do love your cat photos!

Susan said...

Great photos, love the moon and clouds.
Charlie looked a good dog.

Robyn G. said...

Love all your photos!
Thought I had left a comment here before, but not so.

Missing you and trust all is well.
Happy Easter!

Robyn G. said...

Sorry for the loss of Charlie. It is sad when a faithful friend passes.

Robyn G. said...

popping by again :)
Robyn xx

Robyn G. said...

..and me again :)
Happy New Year to you Robyn. What a fun challenging year we've had this year... thankyou so much for joining me :-)
Robyn xx