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January 8, 2012
I'm taking my camera everywhere, and making sure the batteries are charged, as I never know what will make an impression on me each day.
Day 5: Yay!! Finally - the roadworks that will make the bypass that Kempsey has been waiting for since before I moved here 20 years ago.
LOL, you have been warned so now you know there are delays on the Pacific Hwy before Kempsey NSW :D. Possibly for quite a few months yet.

Day 6: Little madam and her mate decided to build a nest on the wire supporting my veranda clothes line. Can't wait until the 2 babies fledge and fly so I can hang clothes out there on wet days and not have messages left on them. She's a cranky little bugger too!

Day 7: Stopped at Moorland Cottage on the way home yesterday for refreshments and quite enjoyed their  lovely cups of tea and had a giggle at this sign in the cottage garden. There's a wind spinning pelican atop it.

Day 8: Strawberry, our cross Ayrshire 'nursery' cow. She adopts orphan calves, calves rejected by their mothers and any calves we've decided to buy to put new blood in the herd while she raises her own calf. She saves us time and money because we don't need to hand raise them and she's an absolute sweetie :D! 

January 4, 2012
Bit of a catchup due to visitors.
Day 2: Nothing like a good roll in the grass!

Day 3: I missed taking a photo as I had a family emergency but this little stickybeak was trying to fog up my lens on Day 2 when I was trying to take a shot of her mother!

Day 4: It may be 34 deg Celcius at ground level but it's certainly not that temperature up there.


Lol, off to a good start :D.
January 1, 2012

It was a nice warm sunny day today, actually, like Summer is supposed to be! I believe in reincarnation and if I can't come back as Wedge Tail eagle I think that my second choice would have to be a farm cat! Senior farm cat (Rascal) was resting somewhere else when I took the photo this afternoon so these are the Juniors - nearest to furthest Macca, Ginger and Maddy.

Here is a bit of a trial run and if this makes you quake in your boots then you have my condolences but it is one of the farm creatures - love it or hate it. Mind you I'm not too keen on walking through their 'houses' in the dark!!

Come into my parlour......11.21pm 27/12/2011

For the photography buffs.
This is a trimmed photo. The original was taken in Auto mode using the telephoto option with flash off as the kitchen light illuminated the spider outside the window. The camera set itself to f/3.2 and ISO800 with a 1/4 sec exposure time. I'll use a stand in future!


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