First up, apologies to the 366 Day Photo Challenge members who found my photos in the first week or so!
Not having done blogger pages before I didn't have the knowledge to know that they don't operate the same as the home pages.  Also, not having the computer technology I didn't know if or how I could change it to make it behave in the same manner so I thought a dedicated blog for this was in order.
The first photos can now be found under the "First 8 Photos" tab, but unfortunately in trying to shift the lovely comments that were left I lost the lot :(.

This will be a bit of fun and though I'll try to update it daily it may not always happen. The most important part, to me, is to take a photo every day. 
As I live on a farm near a country town the photos will probably have a rural slant but there are still many options on my camera that I haven't used yet, and therefore haven't perfected the use of, so it all depends what ends up framed in the viewfinder on the day and how clear it turns out!
My camera is a Fuji Finepix S1500.